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Other Works by Louisa
  • Erstwhile TalesWith Gina Biggs and Elle Skinner. Lesser known comic versions of Brothers Grimm stories.
  • Queen of HeartsAn ongoing web and print series about real princesses who lived some weird, sad, and interesting lives.
Comic Collections and Hubs
  • Hiveworks – Actually an online studio and publisher for webcomics, their site serves reasders as a great source to find high quality webcomics.
  • Filthy Figments – Not Safe For Work! Adult comics collective. All comics made by women! It’s a pay-site, but well worth your money if you want high quality and diverse adult comics. I’ve even got a story on there, too: Verte et Rouge.
  • Sparkler – Digital shojo/josei magazine featuring comics, short stories, and audio drama. A much-needed source of female-positive content on the internet!

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