Another week, another status update.

Our first full week without new comic pages, but I have 10 (of 28) pages sketched and ready to ink.

As before, I’ll finish chapter 12 completely before I start to post it. I don’t anticipate it taking as long to complete as chapter 11 did. And for those of you keeping score, the time between the end of chapter 10 and the start of chapter 11 was 4 months. Not an ideal gap, for sure. The gap between chapters 9 and 10 was only three months, and between chapters 8 and 9 a mere week (the preferred time gap).

All that being said, you guys seem to appreciate the status updates, so of course I’ll do them on a weekly basis until a release date is at hand. Also, I’ll try to get around to doing the character bios, as was requested. That one keeps slipping through the cracks