Hi all!

Hopefully everyone’s enjoying chapter 11 so far (I haven’t really heard much so I’m going to hope everyone likes what little they’ve seen so far). I know it’s slow-going but I think once it’s all posted you’ll discover some interesting developments.

Chapter 12 script is written. Just need to get it edited. There will probably be a Book One epilogue chapter. It would be short, but a set up for some things in the next book that I didn’t want to put in chapter 12.

Also thinking about printing Book One. If I do, I’d want to at least add in a special print-only colour prologue. I mean, I suppose I will get it printed one way or another, but I’m wondering if I want to just do a short print run and just sell them myself or run a Kickstarter. The thing that’s making me indecisive is that I really don’t know what the interest level is. So I guess what I’m asking is: would people be interested in a Kickstarter with several extra goodies available (I am thinking of doing enamel pins, special print poster, extra digital bonus chapter stories etc)? Let me know in the comments, if you would be so kind, or if you’d rather keep things private, please feel free to shoot me an email at louisa @ velharthis.com