Hi all,

Weekly update post!

I didn’t get a whole lot done last week. I inked earlier in the week and completed three more pages, but then the new Zelda game dropped and I got a sore throat on Friday. It’s mostly gone away now but I did spend the weekend playing Breath of the Wild instead of doing art. However, I’ve been waiting for this game for five years, so hopefully you will understand (and if you’ve actually gotten to play it yet, you’ll surely understand how addictive this game is). This week at work is slightly weird for me, as I have two early meetings that I am leading, and another one next week (all par for the course when your day job involves working with colleagues on other continents), but after that I plan on taking some time off work to game but also to work on art, which includes the comic.

That all being said, I inked an especially stellar page last week. I’m proud of most of this chapter so far. I hope you will enjoy it, too.