I have almost fully completed sketching chapter eleven. I have two pages I’m currently tweaking because my original draft wasn’t great and the flow was bad. But I’ve re-roughed it and it’s looking much better already. So that means I’ll probably start inking this week, which is good.

As for my health, I went to the doctor last week about my allergies. My allergies are weird. I get them on and off all year round and I have no idea what I’m allergic to. So I got some better medications to help with my allergies now and I’m going to an allergist to get tested (gotta wait for an appointment, which is OK). Only time will tell if the medication helps in the long term. I hope it does because right now I am feeling pretty OK. The medication made me quite sleepy at first but my body adjusted in a few days.

This comic, more than anything, is a nice place to go to get my mind off the real world for a bit. Sometimes it may reflect things happening in the real world, but it’s means to process those things. Making it gives me the courage to face things in the world that get me down. I hope that, for my readers, Velharthis serves the same purpose for you, too.