Lex-Cat was so wonderful to remind me that it has been far too long without any news or status report.

Before I get into that business, I just want to say a great thank you to everyone who has been voting for Velharthis on Top Web Comics. You guys can’t see it, but I get several visits a day through that site and it’s a very helpful and free way to promote the comic. But it doesn’t work without the votes, and I just am honoured that people think enough of Velharthis to regularly vote for it to help its visibility on that list. So thank you, whomever you are.

And also thank you to people who click on the ads. I hope they are not too obtrusive. Ads help cover the hosting, and clicking on Project Wonderful ads help me build revenue to reinvest in advertising Velharthis (though I have a rule about not running ad campaigns for Velharthis when the webcomic is not updating).

When you click on ads, when you vote on Top Web Comics, you are helping create Velharthis. Thank you!

Back to the update status of Velharthis: my allergies have been winding down, so I can work more, but I try to take it easy and not work too hard on the comic all of the time. This prevents me from getting burnout. So sometimes you’ll see me posting other art I work on. Keeping a rotation of things to move around on just really helps me, so I hope you’ll forgive me if you see that and trust me.

Chapter ten of Velharthis is actually progressing well. I’ve only got two more pages to finish sketching (and they are almost fully sketched anyway) and everything else is at the inking stage. Three whole pages are actually fully inked and ready for scanning and toning. I still don’t want to commit to a hard restart date yet, but it will be coming soon, as the harder parts (writing and sketching) are complete.

One more thing: Erstwhile Tales, a Grimm fairy tale anthology that I worked on with Gina Biggs and Elle Skinner, is running it’s final Kickstarter for our third and final volume. You all have done so much to help me and Velharthis, so I’m hoping that, if you can, back us and support this work with any amount you have. You can also support us by telling your network about our Kickstarter and spreading the good word. Also, please know that this Kickstarter has in no way taken away from my time to work on Velharthis.

Before I go (for now), here’s a photo of Velharthis chapter ten in-progress (plus cat, attracted by the sight of paper on the ground):