I have roughed out chapter ten and am now on the sketching phase, which of course is not where I wanted to be today (I wanted to have the chapter completed by now). But I thought I’d update everyone on how things are going and to let you know I’m still alive.

The thing that slowed me down the most this week was allergies. They got really bad suddenly for the first time a long time and I wasn’t sure what the cause was. Today I think I MAY have figured it out (dirty air filter), and I really hope I have because my allergies are just awful when I get them and even the non-drowsy medication makes me sleepy.

I realized today that signup for TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) 2017 opened up. I would very much like to complete Book One of Velharthis by the end of 2016 and get it printed up all nice in 2017 and TCAF would be a great place to launch that in some way. So I’ll try. I did get a table in 2015 and had a super time, but didn’t have any Velharthis stuff that year (and also came down with norovirus right before the show lol). I’m not sure what other shows I will do in 2017. I did miss doing something this year (2016 was the first year I did no conventions since 2007).