Today’s page marks the completion of chapter nine. There will be no new page on Friday this week, nor any new pages next week. The plan was to have new pages starting August 1st, but looking at my schedule I’m not entirely sure I’ll have anything ready by then. However, I’ll keep the website updated with the latest news on that front.

And just a kindly reminder that complaining about the lack of updates won’t actually get you pages any sooner. While a schedule is great, and missing update days is disappointing, this comic is free to read. I also must put my mental and physical health before any other concerns, which is what I’ve been trying to do lately. I mean, if I went and died, you’d never know what happened in the comic, would you?

That being said, I do recognize and appreciate that the vast majority of my readers (I’m not sure how many readers I do have but I know there are a few of you) understand all of this already.