Hi everyone!

Just to let you know I recovered from my illness. Yay! Quickest recovery yet. And I’ve been able to ink a lot of the first ten pages of chapter eight. It’s looking pretty good, and I can’t wait to finish and scan it. I’ll probably get those finished and scheduled before completing the rest of the chapter, just to keep everything chugging along here nicely. I’ll let you know this weekend when the ETA is for the start of chapter eight. We might still be able to go with the second week of February, which is great!

I also tweaked chapter nine, so it should be ready to sketch. I’m thinking Book One will be about 12 chapters, but if it needs to be a little longer to get everyone to where they’re supposed to be then it might stretch a few chapters more. I just want to make sure the pacing is good. You can thank my “editor” for any changes that ramp up the pace. He always gives me feedback when he thinks I’m dragging the story out too much. I take his word for it. I even change lanes too slowly when I drive.