There was no Friday Roundup last Friday, and this one is going up late because it’s December and my day job (non-profit) gets hammered this time of year (in a good way) and I usually end up coming home feeling pretty wasted.

I’ve been drawing more, so that’s good. I was slipping into a funk where I disliked my work so much that it was keeping me from doing actual work. Not even sketching, and that’s a bad thing. So I draw. Because I also realized I can’t really stop anyway.

I’ve been thinking lately about this comic, mostly about what I would have done differently so far. I worry sometimes there’s things I’ve not done well enough that would stop someone from reading. But you can’t dwell too much on things like that. At least, not in that way. And if there’s enough good about the work, people will forgive the stuff that isn’t so good. At least, that’s what I tell myself.

I wish I was a better writer, but there’s only so much wishing you can do before you simply have to make an effort at actually working at it and doing it better. Nothing worth having simply comes to you… except maybe winning the lottery, but even then you still have to go out and buy the ticket.

The takeaway from all of this is that every project is a chance for learning. You get better as you create, especially if you exploit every opportunity to expand your knowledge.