I promised to try and post more about me and the comic and other things. Since I don’t usually have a comic page on Fridays, I think I should dedicate this day to writing about… stuff. Therefore, let’s spend today talking about something and, for now, let’s call this thing Friday Roundup (until I think of something better, and if you have a suggestion for a topic, lemme know because it will make writing this thing every week a lot easier).

Today, let’s talk about: other webcomics I recently found and liked.

I don’t have a whole lot of time to read all the webcomics I would like, and that’s a shame because there is a lot of good stuff out there, and diverse, too.

On my Links page, you’ll see a list of comic collectives and other webcomics. I wanted to highlight two new webcomics that I recently added:

Fox & Willow is a fantasy/adventure webcomic with a nice marker and ink style that gives the visuals an organic but clean look. The pacing and panel organization flows well. And did I mention the hot wolf guy? I haven’t finished reading it all yet, but it charmed me very quickly. You can start reading it here.

Next Town Over is a steampunk western webcomic in rendered in full colour. The characters are visually expressive and the story tells of a compelling rivalry set in well-crafted universe. Like Fox & Willow, I haven’t finished reading it all yet, but so far it’s solidly delivered and regularly updated. You can start reading it here.

Honestly, all the stuff on my Links page is a great and in future Friday Roundups I’ll try to go into detail on the other things on that list.