Hi all,

I have recovered from my illness and have been working on Velharthis chapter 7. It’s been entirely inked and about half is actually completed and ready to post. I’ll hopefully have most of it done by November 2, to begin posting two pages a week as per the usually schedule from that day. This will take us through to the end of January. I would also not take any time off the posting schedule at Christmas, as my illness, etc prevented updates for about a month and I really don’t want to interrupt the comic again for anything. This also should give me time to work on chapter 8 and have it ready to start in February.

I don’t make many updates like this, mostly because I have this silly notion that no one reads them, even though I know that’s not really true. However, I probably should post more about my thoughts and my work schedule and whatnot. For now, I will say this: I do work full-time outside of my comics. This is in order to live comfortably. It also leaves me not as much time for comics and art as I would prefer. In fact, some weeks it feels almost impossible to get any work done at all. This is why I cannot update the comic more often. I would like to have three updates a week. I would adore having five or seven updates a week. With my current workload and obligations, I would probably die. I have investigated options like ads, paywalls, publishers, and Patreon, but none of those would easily pay anywhere near the amount and benefits I receive working.

I hope you’ll all agree that my current situation deserves a compromise. I will update the comic for most of the year if you’ll allow me some time here and there when my schedule goes completely off the rails.