Did you know that Velharthis has a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a Tumblr? Links to new pages are posted on all three accounts, and I’d like to post more exclusive content, too.

Right now, the Twitter account has 30 followers, the Facebook page has 65 Likes, and the Tumblr has 10 followers. The account that can gain 5 new followers (or likes) first will get an exclusive new watercolour Velharthis painting. If all accounts can get 5 new followers (or likes) before the end of March, I will post five new pages of Velharthis for the week of April 6th. That’s a Monday to Friday update week!

I kindly invite you to like Velharthis on Facebook, follow Velharthis on Twitter, and follow Velharthis on Tumblr!